Brain Rules for Educators

As anybody who has read Brain Rules knows, Dr. John Medina has a few bones to pick with how the traditional classroom is structured. If Dr. Medina were in charge, a typical day at school would be transformed in a myriad of ways that would increase levels of efficiency, permanence, and, well, fun while learning. Fortunately, educators are listening to Dr. Medina as well, and they're starting to share their thoughts with the rest of us:

-At The Huffington Post, Tom Vander Ark hypothesizes what a Brain Rules-inspired classroom would look like.

-Watch Dr. Medina's interview about which "brain rules" are myths and which ones are backed by scientific evidence in his interview with Mary Cullinane at the Microsoft Innovative Education Forum.

-Listen to Dr. Medina's in-depth discussion of Brain Rules for Teachers from the "Leaps and Bounds for Teachers" series from Berklee Faculty Development.

-You don't need to transform the entire educational system from the bottom up in order for the message Brain Rules to take a positive effect in your classroom: watch high school wrestling coach Mike Hagerty give his unsolicited praise detailing how Brain Rules has influenced his teaching.

Have you figured out new ways to integrate Brain Rules in your classroom? Don't hesitate to share and start a discussion with other educators at the Brain Rules Facebook page.

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