The John Medina Interview Roundup

Just because Brain Rules and Brain Rules for Baby have been published doesn't mean that Dr. John Medina has stopped educating the public with his scientifically backed insights on how our brains work. Dr. Medina has kept busy by doing a variety of interviews for the wide audiences of readers who are interested in learning more about the Brain Rules. Here are the links to a few of them:

-At the Positive Business Blog, Dr. Medina discusses how using our brains better leads to doing better business--especially when it comes to Rule #8: stress.

-Stream or download Dr. Medina's interview with independent business radio station BFM 89.9.

-Business blogger Bob Morris sits down with Dr. Medina.

-Watch Dr. Medina's conversation with Microsoft's Mary Cullinane at the Innovative Education Forum.

-Listen to Dr. Medina's in-depth interview about a set of Brain Rules that are especially handy for teachers.

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