The NFL's New Brain Rules

You can always find Dr. John Medina's latest writing on brain research and how it affects our daily lives over at Brainstorm. Recently, Dr. Medina has been writing about how new knowledge about the brain could start having a direct impact on America's most popular sport: the NFL.

Like many of us, Dr. Medina is a long-time football fan, but the sport's future looks grim. Since so many current and former football players suffer from the debilitating brain injury CTE, there has been a growing public debate as to whether or not football is a safe game for anybody to consistently play. Dr. Medina points out that there are still significant gaps in research on CTE and its correlation with playing football, but sports fans could be hearing about this darker side of brain research for years to come.

You can read the entire series of Dr. Medina's posts on the NFL here.

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