To fans of the Brain Rules books

As John Medina’s editor, I worked closely with him to shape Brain Rules and then Brain Rules for Baby. It’s been a thrill to watch both books climb onto the bestseller lists while getting rave reviews from you. I’m grateful for the books on a personal level as well. I imagine you feel the same way.

Brain Rules for Baby is the one book I asked my husband to read before our baby was born. (I even considered threatening that we couldn’t have a baby until he read it.)

Then our baby arrived.

I wanted to revisit some of the things I’d learned, but suddenly I had no time for long books. And while I understood why doing this or that was beneficial for baby’s brain, I still had questions about how. (Speak 2,100 words an hour to your baby? Seriously? How?) I dug back into the original research. Thus, my new book, Zero to Five, was born. I’d love to tell you about it.

Zero to Five has exhausted new parents in mind

  • how to give baby’s brain a boost—including specific language you can use or actions you can take.
  • bite-sized information in a clean design. Flip the book open to any page and you’ll get something out of it.
  • spiral-bound, so it stays open. You can read while holding baby, or keep your place when you get interrupted two minutes later.
  • anecdotes from my first two years with baby, just to liven things up (I made it—phew!)
  • beautiful photographs of real families. These make Zero to Five a truly special book.

I’m excited to share this book with my fellow Brain Rules fans. It’s due June 17.

Want a sneak peak of the book, free? Click the yellow "free tips" button at www.zerotofive.net.

Tracy Cutchlow is the editor of the bestselling books Brain Rules for Baby and Brain Rules. As a journalist, she has worked for MSN Money and the Seattle Times. She lives in Seattle with her husband and daughter.

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