John Medina Video Interview

John Medina talks with Sixty&Me about the importance of exercise, managing stress, sleep, visual learning and how to use tricks and tips to address and reduce memory loss. He explains how understanding the brain can be applied to education and business. Dr. Medina explains the difference between simple forgetfulness and more serious brain disease and also surprises us with a 13 ‘rule’ that he would add if he was updating his best-selling book – power of nostalgia to improve brain function.


Anonymous said...

It's always a joy to see and hear Dr. Medina. As a college professor, I regularly present his life's work to students via the 12 rule videos: a great way to help them think how we learn, or better, how they could improve their own paths to understanding. Brainrules.net: a great tool for any age. Dr. C. Erik-Soussi

Anonymous said...

I too use his online videos to jump start student interest in Neuroscience. As a person, pushing the upper limits of age, I have was pleased with the 13th rule. This summer while picking berries, I started an internal mind game. Pulling up a happy memory and embellishing it with trying to recall the sounds, the sight, smells,tasting, and the tactile experience of the moment and cherishing those memories as I did the mechanical activity of finding the big luscious blueberries to increase brain function! Thanks again Dr. Medina!