7 Observations About the Next Generation -- And What to Do About Them (Part 1)

Arik Korman interviews John Medina about the challenges facing the next generation. Watch the interview on YouTube or below.

1. The database is getting poorer.
Expert notion is shifting from knowing the knowledge outright to simply being reassured that it could be gotten "from somewhere." The students simply know where to get it, but the information is not immediately resident in their own brains.

2. The students' notion of intellectual toughness is shifting.
The amount of material they think is "hard" is growing and they don't like it.

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Unknown said...

I could listen to this man all day! So freaking interesting!!!!

James T Wood said...

This is great stuff. I think I need to audit a class from Dr. Medina - he's brilliant.

Anonymous said...

Here's an audio clip of the whole interview: